A Story about Pigeons and Home Alone?!

Remember Home Alone?  And Home Alone 2?
Actually 2 wasn’t that bad I thought…for a sequel, it was super quality.
Not quite like Godfather, where 1 and 2 are about as equally amazing, but Home Along 2 was solid.
Kevin was lost in New York City by himself while his parents on accident flew to Florida.
Anyway, as Kevin was out and about alone in the park, he ran into the “pigeon lady”
She was the lady that was at one with the pigeons. Feeding them. (not that they need help with that haha, they find the food to feast on anywhere)  But she did take care of them.
Most of the passers by in the park frowned on her and left her alone or were afraid of her.
Not Kevin. He was scared at first of her, but eventually warmed up to her and was nice to her.
He listened to her, asked her what her story in life was etc.  He showed her that he cares.
Fast forward later in the movie, when the wet bandits are chasing him in the park, she notices Kevin is in danger and gives them a whooping!  She slows the down enough where Kevin can get away.
What’s the takeaway from this?  Lots. Treat everyone you run into with respect, get to know their story earnestly.  And what goes around, comes around..
At our previous condo we lived at, there was a door guy that nobody liked, nobody talked to for whatever reason. Not us.
We talked with him all the time and got to know him and his story.
2 years later, he gives me a referral for a home seller lead that we purchased and created a win/win for everyone.
Any pigeon ladies in your life that you have currently?
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