Do You Pay A Fair Price For My Home?

This is a great question!  For any transaction to be fair, it must be a win win.  Both sides have to feel as if they got what they needed from the transaction.  What our past client home sellers tell us is that they typically are looking for a quick sale (though not always) and we … Continued

Cash Offer

If you have never sold a property and don’t know where to start, the below info will give you a great starting point.  For a fast house sale, you will want to start your process with talking with a reputable investment company that buys houses for a living.  Opt for a reputable company that has … Continued

Probate resources

Probate  Probate is the legal process in which a will is carried out by someone deceased.  When someone passes away, and they have a will (or no will) probate is the process of making sure the assets and any inheritance in the estate go to the correct heirs as desired by the deceased.  Simply in … Continued