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If you have never sold a property and don’t know where to start, the below info will give you a great starting point.  For a fast house sale, you will want to start your process with talking with a reputable investment company that buys houses for a living.  Opt for a reputable company that has the wherewithal to purchase your property. There are large companies like Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor that IBuy. What that means is that they send an auto “I offer” to  purchase your home based on questions you answer regarding the home.

In addition, there are smaller local companies and national companies who also purchase homes for cash that can assist.  Out of these, there are large fund companies where they pool assets and buy property.  Also, there are smaller “mom and pop” type investors.  Do what’s right for you and interview all of them. But if you can, try to help out small business as small biz can use some help in this country lately.  If you like hamburgers, Think of us as the Portillos before it got huge haha.  McDonalds would be the Zillows and Ibuyers.  Portillos actually grew immensely, but I ask you to support the smaller companies. It helps America more than giving more money to the largest companies.  Anyway, I digress..

What you can expect is to answer questions regarding your property: address, square feet, bed and bath count, any major repairs needed, age and condition of roof, furnace and A/C, kitchen and baths upgraded? The more info you can give, the more accurate the cash offer will be.  These questions are asked so the buyer can provide an accurate quote for your home based on repairs needed or upgrades needed to sell it on the back end.

The offer looks like thisResale priceMinus 10% -6% for realtor commission on the back end sale-4% for closing cost credits to the buyerMinus repairs needed (to estimate use 10-20 per sq ft for light repairs, 20-40 for medium repairs needed, and 40-60 for heavy rehab needed)Minus holding costs (insurance, taxes, maintenance, gas, electric, lawn, snow )Minus Profit
We are small biz. Support us and we will do our best to help you with a fair offer and cash for property.  If its real estate value you need help with, contact us today to see how we can help.  If it’s a fast house sale you need, fill in your info to the right and we will reach out to you to discuss. If you can, enter all of the info you can on step 2 regarding your property. This will help us do some research before we even reach out to you.

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