How Fast Is Fast?

We just ran into 2 different situations with sellers.
Both were getting divorced unfortunately 🙁  I think too much time together being locked at home and true colors come out.
Anyway, in the first situation they bought the home 4 years ago, had grand plans of rehabbing it and updating it.  
They bought it as a foreclosure so it had a lot of work that needed to be done to it.  The kitchens and baths needed to be upgraded, the roof and siding was older, and the furnace was older.  And the finishing cosmetic touches like carpet, paint, and trim all needed to be done.
Life happens though, and they decided to divorce and they wanted a quick home sale and a fast cash offer.
They contacted us and we determined the intersection of what price works for them and would work for us as well.
Kicker was they needed to close in 18 days as they just wanted to move on from each other.
We knew it was a tight turn around, but we made it happen and closed it out in 18 days..
On the other side of the spectrum of timeframe, we recently had a situation where the sellers needed 90 days to move and to close.
With timeframe, sellers are in the drivers seat.  We made that happen too.
If you’re looking for a quick cash as is sale and wondering what your home value is, contact us today!
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