What To Do When Tenants Won’t Pay Rent Or Vacate And You Need To Sell?

We run into this situation a lot lately because of the circumstances going on in the world.  Its a tough one because you want to respect the situation, ie tenants have lost their job etc.
But, at the end of the day (and the beginning) the landlord still has to pay insurance, taxes, mortgage etc.  And no one ever gives us a break right?
So, if you have a tenant that is not paying any rent, and does not want to vacate or is generally being non responsive, here are a couple of ideas.

  1. offer to help with a payment plan, but they do need to start making some payment.  If they have full employment, let them know full payment of rent would be fair.Lets say their rent is 1000 a month.  and they lost their full time job, but are working part time.  Maybe they cant afford the full 1000, but they can pay 500-700 a month in rent for the time being.  Make sure they understand though, all rents are eventually due at some point so have them plan accordingly.
  2. If rent is just too much for them currently and they need to downsize, help them find a new rental.  You can be proactive and help them find a place, or contact a property manager and have them assist you in finding the tenants a cheaper rental.  That way you provide value, and they can vacate quicker.  You can then find another tenant.
  3. If they are being very non responsive, and not upkeeping the property as stated in your lease agreement, there may be some options to have them removed from your property for not following the conditions of the lease. And this does not have to do with not paying, but instead not holding up their side of the covenants.  Couple examples:lets say their lease is just tenant, but there are 2 children and another adult living in the property that are not on the lease, this is a problem.Or if they are damaging the property by not taking care of their lease covenants.Speak to an attorney to see what options you have here..
  4. Another option would be to pay them moving expenses so they do leave.  Usually this is last resort, but if they are really unruly and non responsive, then this may be an option to explore.

If you are in a situation currently and need some guidance, call or email us and lets see how we can help.

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