Here’s another case study we just completed.

Seller was getting transferred out of state for work and needed a quick sale because they had to report to work in 3 weeks.  That didn’t allow enough time to list the home on the market.
The property was in Arlington Heights.  Was in good shape structurally, but needed a good amount of cosmetics.  I always say, there’s a difference between livable and sellable..
Livable, everything is in good shape but the kitchens, the baths, the floors, the paint, maybe furnace and roof need to be upgraded.
The challenge is these days. The buyers are picky and they want all of the upgrades all ready completed. and you can can’t blame them, rates are so low you may as well have all of the repairs done at purchase, if you’re a buyer..
Anyway back to this deal. It worked out like this..
Seller sent us pictures of the interior and what was recently upgraded and what needed to be upgraded.
We checked our numbers, looked at the pics and were able to make an offer. Both sides accepted!
From here, we handled all of the title and legal work that was needed on the sale and coordinated all of it to make it easier for the seller.
3 week deadline met! We actually closed within 3 weeks.
On to the next deal!  If you’re looking at selling your property, whether it be quick or 90 days out, lets talk today!
go to the right and enter your info and we will reach out to discuss solutions.
He who only has a hammer thinks everything is a nail.  We have many hammers haha…many solutions.. not just cash offer, we can help list it, we can take your loan over. Contact us today!

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