Inherited Home Options?

Inherited Home?

If a loved one, family member or friend chose you to be the beneficiary of their estate and there is property involved,  that can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Think about having 2 mortgage payments, 2 sets of property tax payments, 2 sets of insurance payments, lawn upkeep, snow removal, squirrel removal (they’re sneaky, but can sneak into your attic)  It can be challenging enough to pay for 1 property and all the expenses that come up.  

First decide if you want to sell or rent the property to a family member.  If so, then proceed that route.  If you are looking to rent it out to someone else, check in with the village the property is located as there are sometimes rental requirements, permits, inspections to be done.  
If it is in really good shape, and you want to sell retail, this would be a good time to consult with a realtor.  We can definitely help point you in the right direction here.  Contact us and input your info to the right with your contact info.  We have many vetted, licensed partners that we work with that can assist in listing and selling your home for maximum price.

If you decide that its just too much to keep and maintain and too much to fix the property to resell it and you want a fast cash sale, then a cash offer and cash sale may be appropriate here.  Work with a trusted home buyer that will give you a fair cash offer.  Make sure no repairs are needed to be done on your end, and the cash buyer can even pay closing costs.  We do this all day and would love to help!  So, if you want a quick cash sale of your home, inquire to the right with your contact info and property info and we will call you.  You choose the closing date, we make all of the repairs, we pay the closing costs.

The key here is no repairs, as is sale and closing date on your terms.  That is the advantage of working with us. 

Please look over our reviews and contact us today!

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