What About Houses In Perfect Shape, Is A Cash Sale Worth It?

Answer : Definitely yes!

When a property is in great shape, you do have some options.  The questions to consider are :1 what’s your timeframe to sell?  IE do you need a sale in 10 days, 3 weeks etc?2 do you want to give up any equity in your home for a fast sale? IE Will a reduced price be ok with you?3 are there any major repairs that are needed?
Based on the answers to these 3 questions, we can help steer you in 1 of 2 ways.1 cash offer that would work for both sides with a quick (10 day or 21 day close)
If you really do not want to give up any equity, and have some timeframe (IE 60-90 days or longer is ok) then another solution may be to list the property on the market with a realtor. We are licensed and can help with this.  Honestly this is the better option if you can wait it out a bit.
But sometimes, life gives us a pandemic 🙁 or a death in the family, or unexpected medical issues etc. and a quick sale is the only option.  In this case, the quick cash sale route makes the most sense.  
Expect to give up some equity to justify a cash sale.  The investor will typically do minor upgrades and relist the property.  On the back end there are realtor fees and closing cost credits to the buyer (around 10%) so we factor those in minus any holding costs such as insurance, taxes and maintenance of the property while its being sold.
Either of these 2 options we are glad to help and def want to help you!  Fill the form out on the right and let us know if option 1 or 2 is better for you.

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