Hoarding house and how we handle..

Picture this..a house owned by family for generations. I think since the 1930s..
Have you seen the show “Hoarders?”
This house would make that show look like a cakewalk haha!
The owner was losing the house due to not paying taxes.
The owner was battling cancer and moving into a nursing home.
The daughter was overwhelmed with the burden of trying to coordinate all of this.
The daughter was living out of state and trying to coordinate all of this yikes 🙁
The daughter inquired on one our sites to see if we can help.
We said, “we would love to try. We cant do much about your moms cancer and the fact that she has to move to a nursing home, but we can try to speeden up the process of buying your house for cash as is, so you dont have to worry about another to do item for your mom.”
We got on a call to find out all pertinent info and found out about their timeframe of how soon they wanted to close and desired cash price.
We inspected the property and determined that it would work for us.
We closed 2 weeks later…
We could have closed earlier, but there was an IRS lien on the seller yikes..which we actually paid off.
This house took about 7-8 dumpsters of trash to empty! (see pic)
3 floors of floor to ceiling hoarding material, dating back to the 50s!
I’m not the best techie lol so sorry about the sideways pic, if you know how to reposition let me know and Ill give you a reduction in price on your house haha!
This is how we can help you potentially. Sometimes we play the role of counselor as we listen a lot, but truly we are here to kind of simplify lives when they are going crazy. Nobody expects to lose their job, to get cancer, to lose a loved one and fall behind on taxes, mortgage payments etc.
Nobody expects these to happen, but when they do, we can help by buying time for you. Peace of mind is a very valuable mindset. Try us today!
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