Interesting Things We Find Sometimes When We Buy A House..

sometimes you find that someone was operating a porn house haha!
Sometimes the houses we buy have..lets say interesting pasts haha!
One of our recent purchases was a property that was a family home.  The father died and left the property to his only son.  The son took over the property, unfortunately didn’t pay any property taxes and didn’t upkeep the property too well, as he was forced into home ownership, which can be tough if its sudden and unexpected.  Throw in the fact that a loss of a loved one makes it difficult to take over financial responsibility of a home.
Anyway, this son for whatever reason decided to begin operating a pornographic business haha.. Cameras, lights, all the jazz were present everywhere along with other consistent articles in this business to put it lightly haha..
Before the house was set to be lost to taxes, the seller called us and we went over the problems he was facing and begin to look at solutions to move on quick and get the seller a fair price before he would lose the house completely.
We went over his options of listing it with a realtor versus selling quick for cash to me.
Obviously there are always considerations and we are not the right fit for everyone, but it is worth to see if we are.
In this case we were, because he needed a cash close, as is (meaning he didnt want to do any repairs to the house) and close in 2 weeks or less. This turned out to be the best alternative for him and we consummated a deal that worked for both sides and was a fair price to him.  I also opted to keep the equipment for my startup business…just kidding!  Seriously though, we did have to throw a lot of junk in there and made it look like this..
If you are entertaining the option of selling your home, contact us asap to see if it makes sense.
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