Raccoons in the attic!!!

One of my old rental properties the tenant left and I decided since it was the lone property I had in the area,  I decided to rehab it and just resell it to and end user buyer…
This was a property I bought in 2014 and rented it out for a number of years.  But, in the sake of simplifying my life I decided to sell it.
Some properties have challenges with termite damage (this one does not), snakes (not this one), cockroach infestation (def not this one haha). but what I do have is a couple of raccoons living in the attic!!
When we went to change out the furnace filter ,we were surprised to see a baby raccoon, which scared us!  Where there is a baby, the mother is looming. And the mother is never friendly to a perceived threat haha. So, we had to hightail it out of there and contact a animal control company to remove of the critters.
Buyers are doing their inspections and there are a couple things I have to button up to get it FHA approved..and one of them is to remove the dang raccoons!!! (see pic)  Theres a couple of them living in the attic and they are annoying little critters because its tough to remove them!  The raccoon guy is placing the traps this weekend, but so far in a week they havent been able to get captured..
This shows you that there are so many things that can go wrong while a home is vacant.  If you have a vacant house, and are dealing with any issues and want to sell, definitely let us know right away so we can call you and give you an offer. Or let us know what price you need from the sale. We may be able to even remove the raccoons for ya 🙂
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